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Best Page Ever February 22, 2009

What…you were expecting something magnificent just because this is labeled “Best Page Ever”? HA! Well then, I should have labeled it “Mail the Wordstress a check for $15,000 and you’ll live forever!” Then I’d be rich and on my way to Arizona or St. Maarten or some other sunny warm place. I live in a sunny warm place, though, so I don’t need your stinking money. I’ll take it, mind you, but I don’t need it.

Do you know how much most blog authors crave your comments? Go ahead…leave a spontaneous unsolicited comment and watch me break into a big ole smile.

PS: I wish I could add marching band music and a big “GOTCHA” cartoon balloon when people open this page.  It cracks me up.  Sorry, that’s just how I roll.


3 Responses to “Best Page Ever”

  1. Maya Says:

    Despite the fact that you are resorting to out and out trickery in order to get comments, I am thoroughly enjoying this blog…

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Trickery? Well, okay, maybe a little.

    This blog is thoroughly enjoying you, as well, and THANK YOU for the Cock Soup. Both of them. 😉 Anyone else who reads this is going to be convinced that we are both women of ill repute but personally, I am lmao and seriously considering feeding this stuff to my family.

    Does that make me a terrible wife and mother?

    I am trying to figure out which was the better birthday gift: the soup or the comment. If I ever decide, I will let you know.

  3. Theresa Says:

    Too funny…and if there comes a way to do the balloon and gotcha thing, you’ll be the first to use it, I know.

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