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How can it get any busier? July 18, 2011

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Okay, I’ll start with today and work backwards:

Today is my 30th wedding anniversary.  We have been laughing all day about how fast these 30 years have gone.  How is this possible? With LOTS of grace.

Yesterday we had some friends over — Steve put together a small dinner to celebrate our big day while I was out of town last week.  Very nice day by the pool with ribs and other treats prepared by loving hands.  I want to do it again soon with a different group of folks, just because I feel like some of the people who should have been with us weren’t.  The one thing we noticed is that the cards you get as a couple with 30 years history are very different from wedding or early anniversary cards.  I think I like them much better; the realism of the good wishes is warming.  As a newlywed, I thought no one else could have possibly experienced love the way we had…now I know better and it is encouraging that other people, too, have faced down trouble and held fast to each other.

Last week I was in Chicago for a clinical science for work.  It was amazing, and it has, I think, changed my plans as far as going back to school.  I think instead of the MS, I may go back for another BS – this time in molecular biology. If I can do that with a minor in chemistry, I will be enormously well placed to work in neuropsychology.  There is a VERY exciting project coming up at work which I may be tapped to coordinate.  I am still teetering back and forth between feeling like a genius and feeling like a big fake, but overall I think I’m making slow and steady progress.  So, anyway, my trip to Chicago…I did not expect to love Chicago, but I do!  I’d go back anytime, and I’d really like to take Steve.  I’m really happy that one of the other research coordinators went with me, and we ate amazing food, saw amazing sights, and both of us have a long list of things we want to see when we get back to the Windy City.

Last weekend, I got to visit Alex and Josh!  I had a really good time and learned to play bass.  Well, okay, it was Rock Band bass but it sure was fun.  They treated me to a few amazing meals and on Sunday, Alex and I found wild black raspberries. They were just ripening, and there were enough that we ate all we could, took some home to Josh, and still left plenty for the birds.  I can see why Alex is in love with Madison and Middleton.

So that’s the past eleven days of my life.  It would be nice if things got a little quiet.  But I guess I must like it this way because it keeps happening…

Here’s something REALLY cool that was happening while we were in Chi-town: MARILYN MONROE!


One Response to “How can it get any busier?”

  1. rs Says:

    Congratulations on your 30th!!!!

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