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Relay Wrap Up May 27, 2011

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Well, 2011 Relay is over, at least the big visible part.  I am relieved beyond measure.  I was very excited in the beginning when we recruited a full committee, but the committee was not a healthy one and the season did not play out the way I expected.

On the other hand, we raised a butt load of money and it’s still coming in, so I’m not complaining too hard. I am looking forward to being Team Retention Chair and Online CoChair for 2012…these roles will allow me to be an important part of the event without posing any additional responsibilities on Relay night.  That means I can really experience Relay as a participant, and I can’t wait for that!  Two of our smaller teams have asked if they can roll into my NinjaWalkers team, so that’s sort of cool.  Maybe we can create a powerhouse team and kick cancer’s ass next year.

My friend Pat ended up carrying WAY more than her load. She presented The Empty Table ceremony, and it was incredible.  I found out later that she was missing the last two pages of her script, but I don’t think anyone knew…there were no visible stumbles and it was very moving.

One important thing that I learned…we tried to keep the activities as simple as possible so that team members would not have to prepare in advance.  But the most popular event of the day was the Cardboard Car Race.  People were bugging us and bugging us to start the race…they really WANTED to show off their cute little cardboard cars.  It was so much fun!  So next year’s activities will involve a few more complicated things, since our participants are clearly evolving with this event.  We have an elementary school involved now so I’m hoping for meaningful committee help…but the committee is not my worry now…just my little piece of it.  🙂

Not to wish my life away, but I can’t wait to find out what the theme is for 2012.  I am ready to have a properly decorated Relay campsite!  I also want our team to come up with a knockout on site fundraiser.  This year we sold glow necklaces and bracelets…about 8 of them.  What a loser fundraiser, and I thought they’d sell like hotcakes.  Speaking of hotcakes…Pat’s breakfast fundraiser did really well, so maybe that is the way to go.  We could bring a couple griddles and crock pots and do pancakes and biscuits/gravy and maybe even scrambled eggs.  I don’t know what it will end up being, but I really don’t want my campsite to look like a garage sale in 2012.

Whatever happens with  my team and the committee, I hope our Relay continues to grow.  We had some small sponsors this year, which is great progress, and I think the teams are starting to catch on that fundraising is a year round thing.  I’d really like us to hit our $35,000 goal next year, and it’s do-able.  We were at $19,000 our first year and $26,000 so far this year.  Sorrento Relay for Life rocks.  And I’m very glad someone else will be breaking the rocks next year.


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