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Almost 30 years?? May 21, 2011

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It hardly seems possible that Steve and I will celebrate our thirtieth anniversary on July 18.  That means that for about thirty-two years he has been my rock, my safe place, my love and my pal.  He has put up with my blather, nonsense, disrespect, bullshit and everything else I’ve been dishing out for the last several decades.  That makes him a true rock star in my book.  I’ve put up with my share of crap, too, but I think Steve got the short end of the stick when we ended up together.

I have friends who are struggling in their relationships now, and I really feel for them.  I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not been blessed with Steve, but I suspect it would not have been as nice as what DID happen.  Well, yeah, we had our struggles (and still do from time to time)…we separated but only briefly and I’m glad we stuck it out.

So when I have a truly shitty day, I know that at the end of it I’ll be snuggled up against my sweet warm hubby and hey, that’s really nice. And when I have a terrific day, I know that at the end of it he will be very patient (I tend to get a little wound up from time to time) until I’m tired of telling him about it.  On days when he’s going to be home late he calls me when he’s on his way and sings “Working My Way Back to You” and every  now and then he calls and sings me some other sweet ditty, and I really love that.  There’s lots of stuff I really love about the guy, but all I really wanted to say is how can it be 30 years already???


4 Responses to “Almost 30 years??”

  1. becky Says:

    Sometimes, things work out the way they are supposed to. When ever you get to thinking that somehow life isn’t fair, you need to go back and read what you just wrote. And, realize that you ARE two of the luckiest people on this planet, to have found each other, and that beautiful soul who is your daughter.

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Oh, sweetie…if life was fair I would live in the gutter because everyone would see me in my not so nice entirety and I would have no friends. Yep, we truly ARE lucky.

  3. Alex Says:

    OMG, Becky is one of my favorite people for handily bringing this beautiful post back to ME. 😀

    I love the example your marriage has given me, mom. Your husband is the best husband and the best father.

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