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Tea time May 1, 2011

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(I’m going to just get this posted and edit later…it may be interesting for you to observe that process; I don’t know, but that’s what it’s going to take to get a meaningful update, so deal with it! Part of why I can’t update is the lack of time for editing, so let’s just remove that excuse and see how it goes.)

Since my only begotten daughter is leaving for the wilds of Wisconsin on Sunday, she took me to tea yesterday.  We won’t spend Mothers Day together (sorry…had to get that little dig in, Alex!) so we celebrated early.

Alex is heading to Wisconsin to be with the man she loves and to attend the graduate Library program at UW-Madison.  She is leaving on Mothers Day because her boyfriend will be here for her UCF graduation and can help her make the two-day drive.  I am glad she is on her way to a successful life, but it kills me that she’s doing so out-of-state.  I have tried really hard to be happy about this, and I am happy, but as the day gets closer, it gets harder not to think about how far away she’ll be.

Complicating all of this is the fact that from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon, I’m going to be tied up with Relay for Life (I’m the event chair, or I’d seriously blow it off).  She graduates at 2:00 pm Saturday about 45 miles from here.  My event ends at noon and I’m responsible for making sure everything is tidied up at the church which is our Relay site.  So in addition to being exhausted and emotionally wrung out from Relay, I’ll be rushed and emotional about graduation and my kid taking off.

Can you see how much I’m looking forward to this weekend?

It will all be awesome if I can manage the exhaustion.

So, anyway, off to tea we went yesterday with Alex’s friend Hannah and Hannah’s mom Debbie.  It was really nice.  I’m not a girly girl, never have been, and the dainty portions frustrated me, but the flavors were really good and my tea unexpectedly wonderful.  It was rooibos, which is an African red tea, so I wasn’t sure how the chocolate mint would work, but it sure did!

After we finished this leisurely snack, I drove Alex back to her car (we met in Altamonte so she wouldn’t have to drive to Lake County to pick me up) and we had a really nice talk about some of the stuff that’s gone on in her life.  I got to apologize for an incident I’ve regretted for a very long time, and we talked a bit about her marriage to James.  I was so happy to hear her talking about her friends Cliff and Heather and the support she’s received from them, when it would have been easier for them to desert her.

She’s a good kid.  I’m going to miss her, but she’s going to find so much to do and enjoy in Madison.  I hope that she and Josh will be as happy as her Dad and I have been.  I hope they have a passel of beautiful children so Steve and I can be adoring grandparents.  I also think Josh’s parents are going to be fun people to be grandparents with (which was not the case with her first marriage…I dreaded the turf wars between the two sets of grandparents that would have followed the birth of a child to that marriage). I’m so proud that she’s going to graduate school and because it’s obvious, I’ll just admit that I’m jealous and that’s why I’m pursuing graduate school for myself, and that she’s moving to an exciting and progressive community.  I’m glad she’s got her head on straight and knows where she’s headed.  I’m looking forward to the day that Josh will be comfortable with us after the rough start we got when they rekindled their romance.  I will miss sitting next to her on the couch watching American Idol and using Facebook to chat with our friends about it.  I’ll miss knowing that she works right next door to me (even though we’ve never managed to get together for lunch), and I’ll miss waiting and watching while she gets safely through the gate at the end of our long driveway. I will even miss Copilot Kangaroo telling me to SsssSSSsssshut uuuup!  There’s no one else like her, and her new friends had better take good care of her.

I guess traveling to Wisconsin will be a new experience to look forward to.

I’m going to sleep VERY late on Sunday, and then do some planting out back in the Beach Club.  I’m really looking forward to a long quiet summer and it sure would be nice to spend it enjoying a beautiful garden.

There.  I’ve done it.  Now, over the course of the next week, I’ll make this into something worth reading.

Next post will deal with Relay…lots of pictures and weeping and wailing, because it’s been a year of many cancer diagnoses in Sorrento.


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