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Didja miss me? February 27, 2011

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My sister’s surgery: all the suspicious areas were removed.  It does not look like cancer.  Final results should be ready tomorrow.  I forgot that I can post stuff about this on my blog as long as I don’t talk about it on Facebook.  🙂 She is doing well but is having some pain.  Thank you for your prayers…now we can use those prayers for someone else who may be facing major health issues.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I’m just going to hit the high points. This is fairly random and non-linear, so be patient and take notes if neccessary.

After realizing that Access is NOT compatible with the Open Office database program, I was delivered the box that was supposed to have my Office 2007…but it was an empty box.  Eventually a good friend hooked me up and I am now running an legit copy of Office with ALL the programs!  Awesome!  I was able to sync Outlook with my fabulous Blackberry so I am a very happy girl.

My database is going well and the client wants another one for a pediatrician and another one for a craniofacial surgeon.  Then another one for a bunch of docs from various specialties.  So I’m going to be busy.  Also, my client finally HIRED me!  So this upcoming week will be jump-through-hoops for  my new employer, Florida Hospital Orlando.

Working for a faith based organization will be a wonderful change, I think.  Today I got an e-mail from the Chief People Officer (an insanely cheerful title that I suspect is the subject of many jokes) that said, among other things, “Your arrival is not a coincidence.  You have been chosen, and the unique gifts you bring are valued and will compliment our journey to excellence.”  If Florida Hospital believes that it goes a long way toward explaining the employees, who appear happy and supported in their jobs and personal development.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to learn SQL, and fast.  I learned a little of it in my final research methods class, and actually enjoyed doing the assignments, although they were so challenging that I nearly dropped the course.  I went to tell the professor I was going to drop the class and he looked at my grades and said WHY?  I actually had a B at that point, and finished the class with an A…and actually used what I had learned about SQL when I helped roll out the Efforts to Outcomes database at Goodwill.  But I’ve forgotten it all.  That was, after all, nine years ago — seems hardly possible but it’s true!  At any rate, I’m not sure Access is going to have enough muscle to run the big database that I’ll be starting for the group of docs, and it would be cool to have something easy to integrate with the web.  I can’t even believe the work I’m doing!

Yeah, so life is awesome right now.

On the not so awesome side, my friend Sandra just opened a restaurant, and after being open two weeks suffered a massive heart attack.  She could really use your prayers not just for her health, but also in guiding her to making good decisions about some of the major life changes she’s facing.  All four of her boys are in town right now, and I know she’s enjoying that, but she is a tough cookie and a hard worker, and those wonderful traits will make it difficult for her to slow down.  I love my friend; I don’t want to lose her. Of course, I’ve come to realize that I’m no longer cut out for food service.  I’m clumsy in the kitchen and REALLY do not like the catering side.  I enjoy waiting tables but my feet can’t take days on end of lunch rushes.  Looks like I’m Sunday help during the rush but I think that’s all I can take.  I love her weekend waitress, Marissa, who caught on quickly and is a cheerful and competent server; she really wants people to be happy and is a HARD worker.  What a find!

Another friend is getting ready to gear back up with her Creative Memories business, which should help me gear up with mine.  🙂

I went to Lake County Days last week to lobby for affordable housing.  The appointments that had been set for my group were great; the legislators were familiar with the issue and were all on board with NOT stripping SHIP funding (for down payment and closing cost assistance to qualifying individuals and also for rehabbing homes for qualifying individuals) and with removing the cap from the Sandowski trust fund.  I’ve been watching the demonstrations in Wisconsin with a nearly pathological level of interest because I suspect Governor Scott would like to see collective bargaining disappear…but I don’t think our legislature would be on board with that.  During the legislative leadership dinner on Tuesday night, I felt like I was at a Republican convention.  The speakers were incredibly partisan.  I was not comfortable.  Lake County leadership disappeared after the reception and did not show for dinner, which was disappointing and probably appeared insulting to the State leaders who were in attendance.  Seriously, five county commissioners, the county manager and the director of economic development all missed the dinner.  Speaking as a Lake County resident, I’m annoyed that I took two days out of my life, paid to ride the bus, paid to stay in a swanky hotel, paid for the swanky dinner, and did not get to see the commissioners at dinner.  I’d really like to know where they were and what they were doing that was so important.

Looking forward to another exciting two weeks, and soon I’ll be ready to plan a trip to the Keys…we haven’t been in ages and I think we’ll be heading down right after tax season…I guess I need to find someone to watch Gunner.  Oh!  Next entry, I’ll tell you about the Jack Russell terrier who thought he was going to move in with us.  🙂 And that’s the way it was for the last half of February.


2 Responses to “Didja miss me?”

  1. rs Says:

    Anyone there?

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Still alive and kicking. Will get back to Post A Week 2011 as soon as I finish this first database, which is still giving me fits. Have a lot to say about the difference between working for a very small employer and then a very large employer. 🙂

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