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At last… February 9, 2011

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My sister’s surgery is scheduled for February 24.  After two flinky mammograms and an inconclusive biopsy, her doctor told her she would have to remove the questionable areas to get a good biopsy.  My sister doesn’t have health insurance but somehow her husband got coverage through work, so she has scheduled the surgery. I thank God that we are speaking again and that things are getting back to normal between us.

You can imagine how much time we’ve spent talking about this.  I have been more worried about her being worried than I have been worried that these spots may be cancer.  But today it hit me: what if she wakes up from surgery and finds that she’s had a mastectomy?  I really need to talk to her about this before her pre-surgery visit with the surgeon…she’s going to need to think about this and talk about what kind of consent she’s going to sign.

Of course I’ve been praying that it’s not cancer, but I’m glad that she is now in a place where she could convince herself to go to the doctor and catch up on all the routine tests that she’s neglected for years.  I love my sister. I don’t want her to be sick. I’m glad she loves her new doctor and trusts her, and I hope she gets a surgeon who is as compassionate and kind. We have some family history that makes it difficult for us to go to the doctor if we’re still warm and breathing (and fortunately, we’ve managed to stay warm and breathing).

And now I need to get caught up on mine…I haven’t been to the doctor since…well, it’s been awhile, let’s just leave it at that. And you, too, should get caught up on your routine diagnostics. 

And let’s give thanks that we live in a time where these tests are possible so that if there IS a problem it can be dealt with sooner rather than later. Got a minute?  Please say a prayer for my sister, her medical team, and her continued courage in managing her health.


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