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Another prompt: Dream vacation February 9, 2011

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Oh, oh, oh…what would be my dream vacation?

There are so many! 

If Steve is on this vacation, and I’m assuming he would be since it’s a dream vacation, I guess the dream would be to stay in an efficiency in some nice little motel somewhere in the middle Keys with an unlimited food budget and a boat to take us out to the finger reefs whenever we decide to do some snorkeling.  Ahhhhh….we’d arrive mid-afternoon, unpack, pour a couple of Diet Cokes over tall, tall, TALL glasses of ice, and go sit outside to watch the water while we shake off the road dust.  Then we’d call Vince and Maya to see if they’d like to join us for dinner. At some point we’d start adding fine Nicaraguan rum to the Cokes, and maybe enjoy an early evening swim. I hope our motel is on stilts so there will be a deck or balcony outside our room where we can sit and watch the stars. The night sky is amazing in the Keys…so little light from the earth to distract! Eventually we’d call it a night and head inside. I’ll leave the rest of the night to your imagination and just jump right to breakfast. I’m sure we’ll eat at the Cracked Egg, and then spend the day in the water.  Repeat as necessary, add a trip to the Bat Tower and of course an afternoon in Key West because Steve doesn’t think we’ve been to the Keys if we don’t spend a couple of hours wandering around Duval Street and I don’t think the trip is complete if we can’t stop at Baby’s Coffee on our way back outta there. We would stay just long enough to start to miss the Daily Commercial and feel cramped by the tiny kitchen, and then we’d know it’s time to go home.

If for some reason Steve isn’t along, the trip would be much the same, with these changes: I would be camping instead of staying in a motel; I would rent a kayak and spend every available second on the waters around Big Pine Key, and my rum consumption would be nowhere near what it would be with Steve.  I’d probably drink iced tea instead of Coke and I’d go to bed earlier since I’d be camping. Oh, and I’d need four times as much mosquito repellant. Oh, and I’d take the bullet train to Miami and rent a car there so I wouldn’t have to drive so far (of course, the bullet train isn’t a reality yet and Governor Scott will do everything in his power to keep it from being built so you can see what he thinks about my vacation plans). I suppose I would need to hire someone to make sure I never run out of ice; that’s always the hardest part of camping in the Keys.  One last thing: I’d buy one of those battery-powered fans so the heat wouldn’t be so unbearable at night.

Of course, we’re not taking either of these vacations any time soon because we don’t have a dog sitter.  🙂 But when we do, I’m coming home exhausted and tan.


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