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Eternal Martian death flu? No thank you. Eternal life? Yes, please. January 27, 2011

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Here’s today’s prompt: If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

HA! This is the perfect opportunity to remind you that I feel really crappy and have for  nearly a week.  Two days is my limit, so I’m seriously considering a trip to the urgent care center if this continues.  I would not want to live forever if it meant I would feel like this.

But you now what?  I will live forever, next time around.  I have that promise, I believe it, and like I said before, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the feast. Oh, yeah…you’ll be there, too!  (Of course, this means that a handyman who shall NEVER be named here will be there as well but if you know who I mean you will understand that I hope he’s seated on the far side of the hall.  And by that I mean the really, really far side. Because I understand the food will be heavenly and I want to enjoy my meal.)

I guess I’ll have to do something about my hair before that happens, huh?  I look like someone who has felt crummy for a week. 

But here’s an encouraging note: Sue stopped by and delivered my favorite shade of lipstick — Mary Kay Berry Kiss, in case you’re planning to be as much like me as you possibly can.  Of course, that means you’ll have to pull out that lipstick and your big pink Maybelline mascara  about twice a year, so get ready for your new high maintenance lifestyle.  We’re gonna want to look good for that dinner!


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