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My favorite sound. . . January 24, 2011

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One of the writing prompts recently was to write about my favorite sound.  It’s really the only prompt that resonated this week, so away we go…(and as always, this is first draft quality, unedited vomit.  Poor blog!)

It is impossible to pick a favorite sound, since what might be delightful at one time might be awful at another (thinking of a ringing phone, specifically).  But I can tell you what my favorite sound is most mornings at about 6 AM.

When the coffee pot is nearly done pumping hot water over the grounds, it starts to make a sort of grunting, popping gurgle, followed by a soft sigh when the last water is dispensed.  It’s a merry sound and means that within minutes Steve will show up with a mug of Love Coffee for me (some mornings I actually get up first and then I take him Love Coffee, but in the spirit of honesty. . .usually I get the Love Coffee).

Love Coffee is the first cup out of the pot.  It’s the best cup of the day. 

Sometimes my favorite sound is the Indiana Jones theme music.  I have this set as Steve’s ringtone on my phone.  Sometimes it’s the rooster across the road, crowing in the dark night (he must sleep all day because we don’t hear him in the daytime).  Sometimes it’s shared laughter, the kind where everyone involved is fully engaged in the laughing.  Sometimes it’s “pff”, that exhalation Steve makes when he reads something ludicrous in the daily paper.  I don’t always agree with his decision that something is pff-worthy, but I love hearing him do that.  I love hearing Gunner come barreling around the side of the house when I walk out the front door.  I love the sharp click when a jar of jelly seals properly, and the sound of a hard rain in the middle of the night — loud enough to wake me but far enough away that I can pull the covers around me and go back to sleep.  A crackling fireplace, or a campfire.  .  . the sandhill cranes that sound their rattling trumpet when they fly across the yard in the afternoon.


3 Responses to “My favorite sound. . .”

  1. I know that coffee pot sound well!

  2. I love the sound of the coffee pot in the morning. The smell of it brewing as I come back into the kitchen from taking the puppies out in the cold. I always pour my first cup and curl up on the couch for a few minutes to read through my blog subscriptions. Pure delight.

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