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Day three of a mystery disease… January 23, 2011

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On Friday I woke up feeling not so great, but we had a lunch meeting to go to so I tried to hold it together.  By the end of lunch, though, I had chills and was in a really cranky mood.  Stuffy head, body aches. . .don’t know if I was running a fever but sure felt like it.  I convinced my patient husband to do his banking at the closest branch rather than running down to Sorrento and then he took me home.  I immediately put myself to bed on the couch under two quilts.

They were not sufficient.  Eventually, I was under three quilts and still not warm.  Yesterday was more of the same, except that, unlike Friday, the temperature in the house was cool.  Today it is darn right cold and I’ve turned the heat on in an effort to keep it above 60.  I have refused to even look at the couch today, but it would be effortless to go back to bed.  I’d be there now but I managed to distract myself from my misery with a bit pot of hot chocolate.  Steve has promised to help me drink it when it’s ready.  What I’d really love is a glass of iced tea, but I know as soon as I make it the appeal will vanish.

Friday afternoon Steve gave me an apple from the fridge.  It may have been the tastiest apple I’ve ever met!  As soon as my lips hit its frosty skin, I knew it was going to be good, and when my teeth broke through  a cascade of icy juice thrilled my tongue.  I crunched my way to the core and fell asleep, exhausted by the effort.  I dozed there all afternoon and I have vague memories of some special about the Florida Wildlife Commission and people being arrested for feeding alligators. 

I have two more days worth of this crap to share, but really, I’m sure you have better things to do.  Go do something fun.  I’ll drink this cocoa and try very, very hard to make a quick recovery.


2 Responses to “Day three of a mystery disease…”

  1. Sandra Renaux Says:

    Please get better soon. Miss you. If there is any soup left it;s yours. If not I will make you some.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      I am up and around, sort of, today. I will see you this afternoon. Today I am catching up on messages from this weekend…I actually turned the notifications on the phone OFF…all of them.

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