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Ask the SuperBowl Host Committee to stand up and protect children. January 17, 2011

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I never knew that the trafficking of children for sale at the Super Bowl is well documented. It’s so well documented that  Texas Attorney General Abbott has prepared a task force to identify and respond to traffickers who plan to sell children at the Super Bowl.  Law enforcement and victim advocates currently bear the entire burden of responding to this issue.  The “I’m Not Buying It” campaign is an attempt to raise awareness and deter the buying of children during the SuperBowl.   According to the Dallas Police Department children exploited through sex trafficking have an average life expectancy is just seven short years. The average age a child is tricked and trapped in sexual slavery is just 13 years old.  These children are beaten, brutalized and tortured for the profit and pleasure of others. 

But the SuperBowl Host Committee will not take part, even though improving the lives of children is one of their priorities…they are supporters of Slant 45, a group providing opportunities ot many children in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

Please join the efforts to ask the Host Committee to take a stand and set the standard for all Super Bowl Host Committees to come. The Host Committee has the biggest megaphone to prevent the buying and selling of American children during this year’s festivities.  Law enforcement, legislators, non-profits, churches and business all are stepping up to the plate to stop this horrific abuse of our children. It’s time that the Host Committee faces the reality that children will be trafficked to North Texas and answer the question – What role will they play in preventing the sex trafficking of children during the Super Bowl?

DFW-based Traffick911 is leading a comprehensive game plan to protect American children. Local, national and international organizations have joined forces with Traffick911 in the I’m Not Buying It campaign. This Super Bowl Host Committee has proven it has the power and influence to make history. Join me in asking the Super Bowl Host Committee to endorse and fund the “I’m Not buying it” campaign to protect and defend children during the Super Bowl!!

I was unable to get the widget to work on this blog, so I’ve pretty much C&Pd Change.Org’s information.  This is important.  I hope you’ll join me in signing the petition and spreading the word.


3 Responses to “Ask the SuperBowl Host Committee to stand up and protect children.”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hello from a fellow Floridian – I followed your link on the Blogging Buddy post, recognized Homossassa pics (though I haven’t been there in likely a decade) and of course read the above post (shocking) – I had no idea that the Super Bowl attracted such horrors, neither did I know the life expectancy for the children. Thanks for passing on the info.

  2. Nissa Says:

    I was informed of this issue a few years ago when a former child slave told her story on a talk show. I was highly appalled. I knew then that I wanted to help. Now is the time to do my part. I am telling my friends, contacting lawmakers, and passing out informative brochures. Only we can make a difference.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for visiting The Wordstress Blog. Child slavery is inexcusable under any circumstances, but in this country. . .I don’t understand how it survives. I don’t understand the people who pay to use children in this way. I don’t understand why the Host Committee is not all over this.

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