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Oh, well, then. January 12, 2011

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(I’m tagging this PostAWeek2011 even though it does not use any of the provided prompts.  But I’m posting!  Woo Hoo!)

Yeah, so my prayer was answered but not in the way I expected.  Back to the drawing board. I am a little perplexed but determined to keep moving forward, and maybe the message here is to quite talking and start doing.  Message received, and thank you, by the way.

Alex came over for dinner last night and we had huge salads and then played a couple games.  I cannot believe that she and Steve ganged up on me, except I guess that’s the only way they could guarantee that I would not KICK THEIR ASSES at Apples to Apples. Actually, it was kind of cute and reminded me of how it felt when my Dad and I shared moments like that.  So I have decided that I will let them both live.  I hope they know how close they came to a truly horrible fate.

In other news, I went to Sandra’s restaurant today with every intention of being helpful and productive and not sitting around drinking coffee and yakking all afternoon.  I think I was fairly productive but I tripped flat on my face (you know, of course right  by the sign that says “Be Careful: Step Up.”  I spilled water all over the floor, banged up my knee enough to feel slightly nauseated and embarrassed the heck out of myself.  But I did get the fans clean, all the stuff in from Sandra’s truck, and some miscellaneous wiping of greasy surfaces.  Also I fed everyone who was there at the time a superb lunch.  All in all, I think I did not make a total ass of myself.

In weather news, it’s cold and getting colder.  Fireplace is cranking away.  Too cold for the guys to finish painting the back porch, but the weatherstripping has all been replaced, and I noticed that Bob fixed a spot on the fireplace room ceiling that we didn’t even ask him to fix.  Some handy men aren’t handy at all, some just won’t show up, and others show up and deliver about 138%.  We got lucky this time!

Dinner menu:  Steak salad and garlic bread.  I seem to have hit on a method of making garlic bread that is making Steve very happy.  He isn’t even grousing that I didn’t get the bread at Albertson’s.  This is major news to anyone who knows how Albertson’s focused my husband is.  The ladies at Albertson’s love, love, love to see Steve walking in the door…he chats them up shamelessly and dispenses Lifesavers like John Rockefeller dispensed dimes.  It makes them all happy so I’m all in favor of it, but if he ever runs off with an Albertson’s lady I will never again feel guilty about shopping at Publix.

And that is all I have to report, other than that my knee is just fine.


2 Responses to “Oh, well, then.”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’m glad your knee is okay! Bailing is no fun. When I saw the picture of the inside of Sandra’s place, though, I thought to myself that that looked like an invitation for danger. Either way we will go when she opens and hopefully keep each other from falling.

  2. I was in Orlando a few weeks back and felt cold when it was in the 50’s and 60’s. Now though I know a whole new level of cold when 34 is the high for one day last week. It was 28 the other morning when I was pumping my gas… geezs I miss NJ for the gas attendants!

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