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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood January 11, 2011

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The workers have left for lunch so the back porch is quiet. The cedar planks they’re installing on the porch ceiling look great, so I know the finished project is going to be a knockout. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the sunshine on my front yard. Well, I’m enjoying it through the windows because it’s still a little cool for my liking. I am glad I live in Florida and am not dealing with single digit temperatures, because poor Steve would quickly get sick of my whining. The robins are out in force, so I keep seeing flashes of red as they zip through the yard. Oak leaves are still falling, which means Steve is keeping busy skimming them from the pool, and the grass is all brown. Winter is definitely here but spring is not far behind it.

When I was growing up, I used to love the arrival of spring. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips all bloomed right in front of our house, and neighbors had bluebells.  A little farther from home, past the red clay mud out behind Allen’s Pond, the Japanese cherry trees turned DC into a little girl’s dream of pink, and the plantings of spring bulbs are one of my favorite parts of that city.  And there always seemed to be one magical day when the trees, which had been so quiet all winter, were suddenly covered with a faint green cloud made up of individual leaf buds.  The best was when it rained on that day, because the bark was so dark and the buds so light…truly breathtaking.  It almost happens here when the redbuds start to bloom, but it’s not as striking because not every tree is a redbud.

Several irons in the fire but nothing that’s generating income, so I’m keeping myself busy working on a collection of family recipes. This, of course, makes me hungry. Those of you who know me personally know that pretty much anything makes me hungry, so working with my favorite recipes is really doing a number on me. Today will be an exercise in self control.

My friend Sandra is working her fingers to the bone with our friend Pat to get her (Sandra’s) restaurant ready to open next month. I spent some time with them yesterday scrubbing ancient self-adhesive paper off the shelf under the sink. I gotta tell you, I am not as limber as I once was, and getting down on my hands and knees to reach under the counter and then apply elbow grease was not only difficult, it was downright uncomfortable. Which was sad, since I was the youngest person in the room and only worked about an hour (Sandra and Pat spent most of the day on that project). But it looks like Sandra’s on track and it’s going to be such a cute place! I can’t wait to be one of her first customers.

Her daughter in law has designed a great logo and she’s working with a Shabby Chic designer for the seating area. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Later this afternoon I am going to come up with some good poll questions.  I love the WordPress polls, but you guys apparently do not.  But since it’s MY blog, I’m going to have regular polls.  This way, if I’m the only one who votes, I WIN!  EVERY TIME!  See how that works?  Thank you for making it possible.


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