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Running off at the mouth January 5, 2011

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Listen, there are some things I’d like to get done this year.  Maybe if I put them here it will help me feel more accountable.

Need to get the garden going.  First step is to get the dirt.  I want a healthy mix of mushroom compost in there, and I guess I should go get it this week. . .eventually Florida Hospital is going to come to their senses and realize they can’t live without me and that’s going to seriously interfere with my ability to schedule stuff like this.

I want to keep bees again.  That will probably not happen until next year but I can get the hives cleaned out and sited properly. 

I’d really like to get Gunner trained here at the house.  That can’t happen until I’m working regularly again, but it’s just got to happen.  He’s smart, and he wants to be good…we just have a lack of communication. 

Flavors of Lake has simply got to be revived.  With Sandra’s plan to open her Bistro, we’ll both be more motivated, but time is going to be a challenge.  When I finish this post, I will e-mail our former webmaster and get the adminstrative passwords so we can move forward on re-vamping the website.

I want The Wordstress to take off as a business in conjunction with Creative Memories.  My Examiner columns should get started in conjunction with the PostAWeek2011, and I may approach the Daily Commercial about getting a regular column.  If Ze Carter can do it, so can I.

I need to start thinking hard about a prospective kitchen remodel.  We’ve got the roof done and we’re planning to do the pool deck in a few months.  That means the kitchen is next on the list.  To make any remodel worthwhile, I need a plan.  I have gotten as far as cleaning the cabinets and reconsidering the way I cook.  That’s a good start but now I need to map out an ideal and see how a remodel could get me closer to that without being totally unrealistic and breaking the bank.

No “to-do” list can be complete without God.  So this is is.  This is the year I will find a new church, and sooner rather than later.

If the Tangerine Weight Watchers group gets started, I’m signing up.  I’m sick of being disgusted with the way I look.  I can’t do anything about growing older, but I don’t have to keep getting fatter.  And it sure would be nice to be able to get through an entire round of Just Dance without falling out.  🙂

I’ve apparently been appointed as a board member to East Lake Chamber and I’m the board secretary for the Alliance, but I really can’t think of any Chamber related goals.  Tomorrow the Alliance executive committee is meeting, so maybe I’ll walk out of that meeting with a sense of purpose.  I’ll need it, because serving as secretary this year means I’ll eventually be president of that group.  That is an utterly intimidating thought, but if I can find some goals it will not be so scary.  I’ll be too busy walking in that direction to be very fearful.

Grad school?  Should I at least enroll in a GRE prep course?  I think this might be the year!

I’m looking forward to a family trip to Arizona to celebrate Alex’s graduation, and I’m looking forward to a body of blog posts that I can be proud enough of to invite some new readers in.  I’ve been blogging for well over a year and really, there’s not much to show for it.  Part of the problem is that I censored myself so heavily last year…I really developed quite a complex about who could be reading this, and I didn’t want to put too much out there.  Ha…you’ll notice a definite change in that area this year.  It’s MY blog, my life, and I’ll write it as it needs to be written and suffer the consequences (or just maybe, enjoy the rewards).  I’m looking forward to a year with more hanging out with Steve, a few weekends away, and a glorious tan by May.  I’m looking forward to my first breakfast at Renaux’s Bistro, reconnecting with some friends who have fallen by the wayside, and perhaps just a little less Facebook to distract me from the important stuff.

And that’s as close as I can get to a list of resolutions.  Oh, except to occasionally post something so outrageous that you will be compelled to leave a meaningful comment.  Wouldn’t this be more fun as a conversation?


One Response to “Running off at the mouth”

  1. Sandra Renaux Says:

    This was a great blog! Looking forward to many more.

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