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This and that – The Wordstress Reclaims Her Life September 1, 2010

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I have given notice that I’m leaving the Chamber.  My last day will be September 30.

It feels good, and I’m confident that we’ve already received a resume from the PERFECT person to replace me.

This was hard but right.  I’m looking forward to regaining some balance and having some fun and kicking cancer’s butt with our 2011 Relay for Life.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to me moan and groan, or had me cancel something fun because I had to do something else, or waited for me while I was late, and all the other crap you’ve put up with.  Chamber work is important, and I don’t regret the past five years, but I do regret that I lost control of my life — that was MY choice and it was the wrong one.

Love y’all!  Looking forward to being friends again!


One Response to “This and that – The Wordstress Reclaims Her Life”

  1. rs Says:

    Go for it! Congratulations!

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