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Buster Poindexter LOVES this weather…. June 12, 2010

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because it’s hot, hot HOT!

Good lord, how are we supposed to get anything done in this kind of heat?  It’s after 3pm and I haven’t even managed to get dressed.  It’s a good thing I’m not required to be anywhere any time soon. I know I live in Florida and it’s supposed to be hot, but this is like Arizona heat, except with humidity.  I’ve taken pity on poor Gunner and am letting him spend the day in the office with Steve, who is holed up doing 990s for some nonprofit or other. 

Tomorrow I’m going to St. Thomas Episcopal Church…we’ll see how that goes.  Something totally different for me but one thing I like already is that they do communion every week and you do not need to be an Episcopalian to take communion with them.  Then Alex and Steve and I are going to see Get Him to the Greek.  From one extreme to the other.

Between playing with Facebook and some heavy duty e-mails I have managed to accomplish nearly nothing today.  I made coffee and ran the dishwasher before the sun was up and then a little later I went and go the paper, oh…and of course I made lunch (heated up some leftover Steak and Cheese Stromboli omg that’s good stuff)…but other than that I have been a big fat lump of laziness. Oh, no, wait…I’ve nearly finished the second module of my novel writing course…to totally finish it I have to watch three different people and record how they drink a drink…how they hold it, how fast, etc.  There was a very good exercise in this module…we had to invent a fictional character and even before any thought to story, fully describe them.  Physical characteristics, mannerisms, accents, etc.  It was hard to create a character without a story but I can see where knowing some of this stuff beforehand might be helpful.

Okay, well I’m going to see if a shower will help jump start my energy and go find the book I’ve been waiting to read.  I bought Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food last week but now I can’t find it.  Typical.


2 Responses to “Buster Poindexter LOVES this weather….”

  1. becky Says:

    WOW! I think that we’re soul mates Pam. I just got done facebooking of my ‘slug day’. I slunk out to the mail box, and threw some stuff in the washer. That’s all the work I plan on doing today.

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    I can’t face the mailbox. I have to drive to it and it’s too hot to get in the car. 🙂 BUT – I did manage to make a pitcher of Sangria. I’d say this was a day well spent after all. LOL.

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