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Strange little eggs May 30, 2010

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This morning I made baked french toast in celebration of waking up with Alex in the house.  It was very odd.  These are the first store bought eggs I’ve used since my chickens started laying.  The yolks were so pale.

I have just finished reading Pollan’s Food Rules and I think he’s got it right. 

The french toast was great but broke many of his Rules.  Store bought eggs, food that does not rot (as evidenced by the “use by” date on the bread…over a year out of date and yet it was still lovely), food with more than five ingredients, food with ingredients I can’t pronounce…what does it mean that I love to eat food that’s really really really not good for me?


3 Responses to “Strange little eggs”

  1. Sandra Renaux Says:

    Good Grief was was this French Toast? Something I need to know. Sounds wonderful.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      French toast made with Pannetone bread. Seriously, it went out of date in July. The french toast was amazing.

  2. becky Says:

    Maybe they have it all wrong. Maybe the preservatives will also work on us. We’re embalming ourselves as we eat.

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