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Alex is happy to be back in Orlando! May 17, 2010

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“Not yet!  Come back!” my heart is calling.  We still have things to do, I still have things to tell you.  Drive carefully, don’t get bogged down in too much stuff, study hard, love your man and make sure he loves you back.  Don’t salt eggs before you serve them, avoid bullies, be confident in yourself but also question the things you believe to be true, depend on grace but don’t take advantage, work hard.  When you buy a whisk make sure it’s the kind that doesn’t allow food to get up in those crevices that will never come clean. I want you to fly but even though you are sure of your wings, I still have doubts that I’ve prepared you for the world.

My child is out there, out there in the world without THIS home to come home to.  I would never force my faith on anyone, but I would feel better if I knew that she knew the comfort of being wrapped in the love of the Living God. Very odd.  Guilt for everything that didn’t get done or said…old guilt over things done and said years ago.   Something feels irrevocably broken…a rubber band has snapped, a page has torn, a glass has broken.

And yet . . . her Facebook photo albums reflect the very pictures I would have taken.


6 Responses to “Alex is happy to be back in Orlando!”

  1. becky Says:

    ….because she moved 20 minutes away??????????????????????

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      Your time is coming. 🙂 And it’s more than 20 minutes. AND it involves I-4. Might as well be friggin’ Wisconson.

  2. becky Says:

    he he he

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    You know, this was much easier the first time she left home. When she came back and I realized she didn’t know how to cook an egg I was flabbergasted. This feels much more final. I really don’t like the feeling at all.

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