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Update from the center of the universe May 2, 2010

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Work: Once the Chamber is in a more stable financial situation, I think I’m outta there.  I am just “plumb wore out” and although I love the work, I don’t love some of the assumptions that are made about when I’m available and how much stuff I’m willing to tote around in my lil red truck.  I got a call at 6pm on Friday asking if I could get 30 folding chairs and take them to camp because there was an event going on through Sunday.  Oh, really?  And you’re just finding out at 6pm on Friday?  On the good news side, I’ve got some good office volunteers and have actually taken a little time off lately.

Relay: Relay for Life is finally starting to come together!  Three weeks from now it will be over for 2010.  I am ready for that, but I’m also ready to start on 2011. I have learned a lot about people’s varying levels of commitment.

Other: Alex is in Wisconson and will be home next week.  She will be moving back to Orlando in a couple weeks, which is good.  It is time and she will be closer to school and work.  We are both in separation anxiety mode, which is not good.

Garden: While I plan to build (or have built) garden boxes this summer, I won’t use them until fall.  All I’m growing this year is tomatoes, basil and rosemary.  I have some beans going but I’m not sure if they’ll grow in the heat.  For serious, folks, it is HOT and it happened all of a sudden, like the sneaky rotten heat that it is.  I have added some cacti, aloes, an Angel’s Trumpet and a night blooming jasmine.  Between the jasmine growing on the north side of the property and this night blooming baby, it’s going to smell some kind of awesome around here! 

The pool pump is supposed to be fixed Monday. Thank goodness.  It hasn’t worked properly since January.  We had the pool swimmable two weeks ago but today it is dark green with foam on top.  I’m afraid there will be dead animals in the bottom because squirrels and birds drink from the pool when it gets really hot.  There, doesn’t that just make you want to come to my house for a swim?

Chickens: My remaining chickens have been sent to live with the McDonalds, who have a farm.  🙂  Seriously.  After Gunner busted through the door of the pen and killed most of my birds, it was time.  I guess we must really love that crazy dog because I still sort of can’t believe the chickens are gone.  I miss them, but I don’t miss having to be aware of where the dog is at every single second.  Clearly, I wasn’t very good at being aware of Gunner’s position at all times.  He is a great animal when there are no chickens around. 

GREAT NEWS!! Sandra and I are ready to get Flavors of Lake up and running again.  Our equipment is in and we think we know how to use it.  We’re about to find out! 🙂  My hope is that we can use power point presentations with voice over, and of course we’ll still use our crappy little video camera to bring you our sunny selves with all our good news.  I also want to produce some smack talk segments because there is a LOT of smack that needs to be talked.

And that is what’s going on up here on Jennelle Hill.  What’s new with you?


3 Responses to “Update from the center of the universe”

  1. becky Says:

    Oh My Goodness! If you’re not “Mrs East Lake County”, what role will you take in life? I can’t wait to see.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      I’ll still be around, but I’ll be more free to talk. I can make my blog public. I can say someone is stupid when I think they’re stupid. 😉

  2. Nooooooo (very whinny tone)……. You can’t leave the chamber! What will I do with out you there? Who will take your place? Will they be anywhere near as good as you? East Lake will fall apart!
    You just need a really good vacation …. maybe a short sabbatical.
    Seriously… you’ll get bored if you aren’t kept busy with all this chamber stuff. What will you do?

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