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Oh, and by the way… May 2, 2010

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No, thankyouverymuch…I will NOT be rushing out to the theater to see Babies.  That makes me one of an even dozen women in the United States who will admit to not having ovary pangs over this movie.

OMG, can you imagine? I love my own baby, but yours…well, I can be briefly excited about your baby, if I know you…if you are a complete stranger how can I love your baby?  And why would I devote 80 minutes of my life to it?  Nope.  I must admit, I do NOT understand this.  I know the makers of the film have done a concerted outreach to Mom Bloggers (so glad that’s not in my rep!) and I’m sure it will be very successful, but don’t look for me there.

Instead, you’ll find me passed out drunk in the ladies room in some seedy little bar with a crack pipe in one hand and a syringe full of smack in the other and a joint in the other and a tattoo pen in the other and a Corona in the other and a margarita in the other and some meth in the other and oh, I don’t know…let’s just say NUTELLA in the other (yes, you counted right and I am an octopus). 

I’d much rather be there than in a movie theater listening to a bunch of people cooing over babies.  Let’s face it…they’re ALL cute.  Why not interact with the real thing?


2 Responses to “Oh, and by the way…”

  1. Sandra Renaux Says:

    ROTHFL What ever that means. I sure all those babies will be home schooled and bake perfect cakes when they come home from getting ridiculed by their peers.

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