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I’m running out of gas. February 25, 2010

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But at least I recognize it. No more dogs. No more cats. No more chickens. No more bees. Not until I can get the house cleaned up, my head on straight and have a weekend where I can actually sleep late BOTH days.

But there’s always good news, right? The County has extended the East Lake County Library lease for an additional 90 days, and they are not going to examine the county library budget in isolation. Now they will consider libraries when they look at the entire budget. This allows some time to organize a campaign to save the libraries, because if they close East Lake, they’ll close Groveland next. Then maybe Paisley, and then Astor. Because we KNOW they won’t close Cagans Crossing or Cooper Memorial, and contractually they CAN’T close the “member” libraries (these are libraries that used to be operated by cities). So the good news is maybe there’s time to get residents organized in support of our libraries.

In other news, Amy has laid two eggs. Her wounds are healing nicely. She is in and out of the bathtub at will, apparently, and pooping all over the bathroom…yuck. Gunner is sometimes the best dog on the planet but he’s been a little wild the past couple of nights. I don’t know if it’s because it’s cooler or what, but he’s driving us crazy. Steve and Alex are getting ready to defend their title as Reigning Champs of the GeorgeFest Shopping Cart Race, and I’ve been asked to make a pie for the pie contest…oh, crap. I guess I’d better get that done before it gets any later. (Key Lime Custard Pie….sounds pretty good, no?)

The next time you’re in your local library, let the staff know how much you appreciate them. What, you don’t appreciate them? Just imagine if they weren’t there. It could happen.


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