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Amy the wonder chicken February 22, 2010

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Amy Winehouse is making a good recovery in our bathtub.  Amy, you know, is our injured chicken…not the chanteuse with the rehab problem.

She started jumping up on the side of the tub about 10 days ago.  First is was just one day she was up there, looking around.  Then it became a daily thing.  Yesterday I went in the bathroom and she was standing on the mat looking around like maybe she needed a toothbrush or something.  This afternoon, Steve called to tell me she’d laid an egg.  This is her first egg since Gunner tried to make her into his breakfast.

Encouraging news!  So I was telling Pete at the feed store about this and about how when I took her to the run a while back the other birds immediately descended on her and started pecking.  He said that means there’s still some healing going on and they can sense it.  He said to try again when all of her feathers have grown back.

I am REALLY looking forward to life without a chicken in the bath tub.


One Response to “Amy the wonder chicken”

  1. maya Says:

    Must better for her to be MAKING breakfast than being breakfast!

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