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Gunner is definitely here to stay. February 20, 2010

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HEY, YOU!  If you’re reading this, would you do me a favor?  Would you tell me what parts of this you want to know more about?  This post is destined to be a decent essay someday.  Help me develop it, would you?  Thanks!

So I looked back and found that yes, I have introduced Gunner.  Let me just bring you up to speed on our adventures.

First the bad news.  He killed a second chicken.  Then, about a week after that, he dug her poor broken body up and left it on the back porch.  I was so confused when I found her!  I knew it wasn’t a fresh kill but I couldn’t imagine that he had actually dug her up.  Alex was nearly hysterical thinking she had left the top door of the coop open…it was a fairly traumatic occurrence but we survived.  Day before yesterday he dug up the FIRST chicken he killed.  Yuck.  So we simply cannot have any more chicken kills because really…the sight of a mangled and decomposing friend is just too much to bear.

Now for the good news.  He is a sweetheart.  I adore him.  Steve loves him.  Alex isn’t sure because she’s mad about the chickens (I am, too, but I guess on some level I understand it).  He has made peace with the dogs next door.  He will someday make peace with the dog behind us.  We have a pretty good system for keeping him away from the cats, and he can now walk past them fairly calmly. 

He has dermodetic mange but it’s responding well to treatment.  He is no longer afraid to get in the truck and JUMPS into the car whenever we need to take him somewhere.

I was despairing that obedience classes were a waste because he is still jumping up alot and he simply MUST bark at the dog who lives behind us, but I think we had a minor breakthrough last night — he did really well with all four commands we worked on.    I took him to the feed store this morning and we saw Deanna (who gave him to us) — she is so proud of him.  There was another dog there, a young dog…Gunner sat nicely and said hello but after a minute he started pulling and yelping, so I took him outside. He has NEVER BEFORE said a friendly hello to another dog, so I’m really proud of him.  We walked off a little nervous energy and when we went back in he was pretty good.   

I feel really hopeful about Gunner, and I no longer think we may have to find a new home for him.  He’s here for a reason, I know that, and I am also confident that we can take good care of him.  Steve has come to every obedience class, which is SO helpful.  The classes are wonderful and Steve and I are probably learning more than Gunner is.  Last night I felt like we can definitely learn to “read” Gunner and his responses to things that are happening, and we can help him be an even better dog than he is right now.

We’ll see how the chickens feel about that.


3 Responses to “Gunner is definitely here to stay.”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Your obedience classes sound like the TV show, “The Nanny”, where she retrains the parents on how to handle their child. lol

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      That’s exactly what’s happening. Gunner learns VERY quickly when Kristen’s teaching him because she can “read” dogs. Steve and I are still clumsy, but learning. 🙂

  2. becky Says:

    I know that this is wrong….but I can’t help myself……
    are you sure that you don’t have Zombie chickens?????…..
    and obviously, your chicken that keeps getting beat up,
    violated the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule…….
    just remember………I love you Pam ; )

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