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Tallahassee, rotten writing, and a part in need of a body February 19, 2010

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On Tuesday morning I joined about 30 other from the Chamber Alliance of Lake County for our annual Lake County Days, the trip we make to advance the Alliance’s legislative agenda.  I had not planned to go this year, given the general chaotic situation here in East Lake County, but I was asked to serve as a chaperone for one of the students who wrote a winning essay in our essay competition for high school students. 

There’s a lot I could say about the trip, but I’m just going to stick to the city of Tallahassee.  I love Tallahassee.  My dad was an FSU student so of course I’m predisposed to love the place, but every single time I’ve had the opportunity to visit Florida’s capitol city, I find another reason to love it. 

Of course, the geography reminds me of home.  Tallahassee is always a little greener than the rest of Florida, it seems to me.  The grass looks more like Maryland grass than Florida grass.  There are beautiful rolling hills.  The houses are more often brick than stucco.  More neighborhoods than subdivisions…you get the picture.  Of course I am idealizing my memories of my home state, I’m sure, but it is what it is and that’s how I remember things. 

On this trip, I had the opportunity to visit both the Florida Supreme Court and the Historic Capitol building.  I have always loved the outside of the historic Capitol, with it’s red and white peppermint striped awnings, but I’ve never been inside until Wednesday morning.  I am now ready to plan a return trip so I can spend more than 15 minutes there, because it is a beautiful building.  I was especially impressed with the OLD Supreme Courtroom.  What really struck me was that in the new courtroom, there was a case of bottled water on the bench.  In the historic courtroom, there was a cut glass pitcher and cut glass drinking glasses.  I know, that’s totally impractical for life these days, but perhaps practicality shouldn’t be the only measure of what’s right in a courtroom.

Yep, I’m thinking there’s another road trip to Tallahassee in my immediate future…when it WARMS UP A LITTLE.  26 degrees is not my idea of a civilized temperature at all.  I had to wear real shoes the whole trip, and we all know how cranky I get when I can’t wear my Crocs.  🙂

I know that The Wordstress Blog is devolving and that my writing is crap draft quality instead of the considered pieces I had hoped to be posting.  I also know that I’ve utterly neglected my Examiner columns.  If I can get a handle on the chicken situation, I hope to get back to more writerly ways very soon.  That, and church.  I miss being part of an identifiable body.  And perhaps the body misses me, too…


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