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On the unkindness of chickens. February 18, 2010

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On Saturday afternoon I took poor little Amy Winehouse outside and put her in the run with the other chickens (and of course, Gigantor).  Well, let me tell you, they set upon her like ducks on a june bug.  It was dreadful.  So I took her out and let her scratch around outside the run.  While she was there, Original (the Orpington) and Gigantor tried to peck at her through the fencing.  I think this is the first time I have disliked my chickens.  It didn’t last for long, but every time I look at that poor chicken and think about how boring it must be to live in a bath tub, I get mad at them.  I mean, really…she can’t live in the bath tub forever, and I’m having a hard enough time maintaining one chicken run…trying to keep Gunner out of TWO will be impossible.  Have I even talked about Gunner here?  I’ll have to check.  In the meantime, if you know how to remind chickens that just because one of them is injured doesn’t mean the rest of the flock should try to kill it…please share.


3 Responses to “On the unkindness of chickens.”

  1. rs Says:

    Maybe invite the 2 bullys for dinner?

  2. rs Says:

    The chicken bullys that is ….

  3. eastlakecounty Says:

    Inviting them for dinner…ha ha. Unfortunately, I have not yet learned to butcher my birds and with this batch, they’re so totally pets that the thought of eating one makes me dizzy.

    The problem is, I also love Gunner, the dog who is intent on killing a chicken at every opportunity.

    The ultimate solution may be to part with my chickens. I was going to give a couple of the hens to a friend who has moved out this way and wants to keep chickens, but they haven’t even built a coop yet so I’m thinking that’s not really an option.

    Right now, things are happening so fast that I really can’t make a sensible decision about what to do. My short term plan is to fortify the run so that Gunner can’t get in there and eat chickens every time he gets bored. At least I have figured out how they are escaping and I’ve solved THAT part of the problem, but Gunner is a pretty big dog and he’s discovered he can easily open the current doors to the run, so I’ve got to deal with that. Obedience class is a long process so it’s up to ME, not Gunner, to protect these chickens. Long term…maybe I’ll just stick with the bees.

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