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I know. I’m late. February 8, 2010

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But things are happening too fast.  Or too slow, depending on your point of view.  I love Lake County geographically, and I love my Lake County friends, and I love my Lake County communities, but I am not especially enamored of Lake County Government right at this time.  My entire life has been taken over by the County’s brilliant plan NOT to renew the lease on the building that houses the East Lake County Library.  The waters get muddied because the Chamber is the landlord…we own the Library building and we depend on revenue from the lease to operate.  So if we can’t come to some sort of deal, wow…my work life will change drastically. AND Sorrento will get the short end of the stick again. 

So the County Commission meets tomorrow (to make a very long story sort of a little shorter)in a workshop session, and NO PUBLIC INPUT will be accepted until after the meeting. I wrote what I think was a pretty good letter.  There have been many others.  We have petitions.  But I’m afraid it’s a done deal.  It has nothing to do with finances, no matter what the County says, because financially it makes no sense to close this particular library.  And in the larger scheme of things, the County shouldn’t be closing libraries. 

But I’m going to write all that later.  So goodnight.


2 Responses to “I know. I’m late.”

  1. becky Says:

    Farenheit 451 all over again. Maybe if they hadn’t paid consultants to try to beg water companies to come down to drain the aquifer, then have to pay for lawyers to fight them fro doing it, they’d have money for a library. Aw, what’s a library spread anyhow, execpt knowledge……..Maybe that’s it! Keep the public too dumb to realize that we’re idiots!

  2. eastlakecounty Says:

    Silver lining? We’re on the same side of the issue as our County Commissioner, publicly. Right Side of the Lake published a nastygram about her positions and how they may have contributed to this situation, so I hope she doesn’t hold us responsible for that, because we had NOTHING to do with it. We’ve been very, very careful to keep a low profile.

    Yep, Becky, you’re absolutely right about the legal fees for the Niagara battle. They can blame the Chamber if the library ends up closing, but it’s not OUR inability to play well with others that got the County into this financial mess.

    Non-silver lining? I said “bullshit” to a reporter in the lobby of the County building. I need to not take this stuff so personally and I need to stop getting angry about it, but you know, really, it’s just bullshit.

    I’d like Sandy Minkoff, who I’m sure makes over 100K a year, to tell the 19 year old couple I spoke to last week WHY they will now have to find a friend to drive them to Mount Dora to use the library, and why they will have to stand in line to get a computer and why they will only be allowed a very short period of time to use it. And I want him to tell their new baby (due any second now) why Mommy and Daddy are so effing cranky all the time.

    Perhaps I should stop now.

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