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At last! January 21, 2010

Tonight the Chamber will install its new officers.  2009 was a good year for the Chamber in nearly every way except financial.  We laid off my assistant this week.  But tonight we install officers and give out our awards and it’s going to be a great evening.

John Morgan, a George W. Bush impersonator will be on hand.  He is SO funny!  You know I’m no Bush fan but I really like John Morgan.  There’s way too much gushing about Sarah Palin on his website, but he gets a pass because he makes me laugh. There’s a GREAT joke in the clip with Tony Danza…just watch the opening video and wait for the monkey face…folks, this guy is amazing.

Sandra is catering…Chicken Wellington and Baked Salmon…hard choice! Can’t say enough about how easy she is to work with.  Ed Henn of Henn-House did the printing for the event.  Looked great, too.  I’m just looking forward to seeing everyone have a great time.

Then we can get to work on 2010.


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