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My congressman IS nuts. December 22, 2009

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Alan Grayson has just gone too far for me, I guess.  I’m all in favor of speaking out when there are things that need to be said, and I like the part of him that calls bullshit where bullshit needs to be called.  But I don’t like congressmen making asses of themself, and Grayson appears to love making an ass of himself.

The latest? He wants the attorney general to file a complaint against a woman who is parodying his website because she is not a constituent (her website is called 

Yes, folks, that IS the most important issue facing us as a nation. Honestly.

I e-mailed his office through the congressional website asking, basically, WTF, and mentioning my distaste for people who tell Cheney to STFU and then smirk about it, but I have heard nothing back yet.  This is interesting because my daughter, a huge fan of Grayson’s, says they are normally very responsive.

Friends know I come from a long line of Democrats, but this guy is just embarrassing.  Am I going to have to vote for a Republican next election?????  I’d really like to see more substance and less “look what I can do!”.

(I hope I don’t have to reactivate my TheWordstressisSteamed blog!


One Response to “My congressman IS nuts.”

  1. Alex Says:

    A fan! Not informed enough to be a huge fan, but like you I really am impressed when people can call bullshit and back up the call with valuable information. And I like that when I’ve seen him do this, he’s had information on hand to do that. When I’ve used his website to communicate my position on something I’d like him to support or stand against, I’ve always gotten a response within just a few business days. I hope his office knows who they’re dealing with. 😉

    Even liking him as I do, the website thing is… Not impressive. Hard to not let the scale of favor tip when I learn about something like that.

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