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In case you’re keeping track… December 22, 2009

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THREE migraines this month.  THREE.  That does not strike me as fair. Especially since I have no Imitrex and a lot to get done. I really don’t know how I sat through college lectures with migraines…I don’t know if they’re getting worse or if I’m just giving up. I do remember driving home in tears but I don’t remember the panic that sets in now.  I’m not sure when that started but I think it’s been since we lived in this house..maybe the one I had at the informal board meeting when Ron was first elected president. I wonder if that’s significant.

I have baked a dozen orange cakes as gifts this year.  One broke in half when I took it out of the pan (we’re nibbling on it now).  One remained in a low oven overnight…that was lovely.  One got eaten just because it smelled so good I couldn’t let it cool without cutting into it.   The rest have been given as gifts.  That’s a lot of cakes!  I love watching the batter turn from white to yellow during the first part of making it. I also love making the glaze with powdered sugar and triple sec.  The smallest amount of liquid turns the sugar from powder to glaze…amazing.  I wish I had the dedication to be a serious cook.

I was going to do the Christmas dinner shopping yesterday but couldn’t face Publix, what with the headache and all.  I came home and slept it off, then got up and was going to go to WalMart for groceries since it was so late, but it was too cold.  Oh, yeah, I mean really cold.  Like low 50s, people!  Am I a whine bag or what?  🙂  So I’ll go this afternoon and get some of the stuff made ahead so we can proceed with our upside down Christmas, which will require a separate entry.

I made the pulpy base for blood orange margaritas last night, and it’s good enough to eat with a spoon.  I don’t have real blood oranges, but I’ve got these navels that look like ruby grapefruit and have a flavor that is amazing.  I have got to find out what they are and get two of them in my yard.  I would be the most popular girl in Lake County if I had some of these to share. Truly amazing fruit.  I wish I had a truckload.

Theresa and I were going to get together for coffee yesterday, but she called very early and sounded like death warmed over.  I think she has pneumonia.  The poor girl can’t catch a break. I hope her family is taking good care of her and I hope she gets in to see the doctor before Christmas.

Josh is home for Christmas.  He looks tired (and he is…he flew in from Japan Saturday, so I imagine he’s still good and jet lagged) but happy.  Josh and Alex both look happy.  I’ve seen this before so there is still a part of me that is questioning all of this, but I’ve finally let go of whatever it was that had me so depressed about James and the divorce.  So now, even though in my HEAD Alex has been free to move forward, now in my HEART she’s free to do so.  I’m sure that comes as a relief, since she has been moving forward since before I even knew what was going on.

Today is the B2B group Christmas meeting.  Looking forward to that, so I guess I’d better get cleaned up and ready to go. 

Tomorrow will be FIVE years we’ve lived in this house!

Here’s a Christmas wish that all of your shopping is done, that you are warm and safe and happy, and that if you have a migraine, you also have Imitrex.  Or Zomig.  Or whatever works for you.


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