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Oh, snap. December 18, 2009

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Two things that are very concentrated this morning:

1. The wassail I’m drinking.  I took a quart of wassail this morning and heated it up because I love the smell and thought Steve and I could enjoy some together.  Well, I forgot about it and it was on such low heat that it cooked down until it’s almost syrupy.  OMG, folks, I could sell this stuff.  But I won’t.  Someone else will, and five years from now I’ll kick myself.

2. I miss my Dad today, and in true December fashion, I’m missing him something fierce.  I have friends who have recently lost parents and I know they’re probably experiencing some of the same feelings, perhaps in different ways.  So I’ll try to touch base with them just to say Hi I love you.  Cuz I do.

It’s Friday and I don’t mean to sound depressed because I’m not.  I think Facebook and Twitter may have ruined me for blogging.


2 Responses to “Oh, snap.”

  1. Alex Says:

    Stick with the blogging, mah-DRE. ❤

  2. maya Says:

    Yeah, what she said.

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