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Need…more…coffee October 24, 2009

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I am a tired little chickadee today.  I’ve about killed a whole pot of coffee and I’m debating whether to brew another pot or just drive out to 7-11 and maybe find a quiet place to sit while I wait for 9 am.  I was so sure I’d sleep like a baby last night, but let’s put it this way, think for a minute about how some babies sleep…waking every two hours, wailing, poopy diaper, cranky little brat…but wait, I’m getting carried away.  All I mean is I didn’t sleep well.  But I’m grateful for the sleep I got.

I think what kept me from restful sleep is the realization that I made a really bad choice at the beginning of this summer.  A couple I had been pretty close with split up.  I tried to remain friends with both of them.  Okay, that’s not precisely true.  I had a definite bias, but I tried to be “fair and balanced” (and hey, I was just about as successful as Fox News!). 

When one friend came to me and said So and So is sad because you’re mad and not friends anymore, I blew it off as So and So’s imagination.  But when the second friend said so and so thinks you don’t like them anymore, I knew I’d have to do something.  Then, when I started to realize that the person I had chosen to remain friends with was not what I thought they were, I simultaneously realized that the other person had been through much more than I had thought.  It’s a long sordid story that I’m not going to share, but darnit, I truly hate being wrong.  I’ve hurt one friend and made a very bad judgement about the other.

Fortunately, the hurt friend and I were able to talk this through last night, so things are fine between us (or will be with time – we both want things to be fine and that’s about 98% of the battle).  But dang, how could I have been so duped? I’m not stupid, so how did this happen?  I feel like I’ve been conned.  I don’t like what that says about me, and I SURE don’t like what it says about my friend.

Anyway, it was a rough night, and Steve is out of town so I didn’t even have a sounding board for all this mess.

There, now.  Have I ruined your day?

I’ma feed my chickens and get me to 7-11 for more coffee.  I wish they still had the bananas foster coffee…that was amazing stuff, even if the thought of fruit coffee gives me the willies.

Hey…what are you doing today?  I’m comment hungry this morning.


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