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Migraine induced visions and wonders October 3, 2009

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Yesterday after work, I joined two friends for Friday Afternoon Margaritas, one  of life’s greatest pleasures.  Early on, I switched to coffee and water.  We were having a ball but I did not stay as late as I would have liked because I started seeing those falling twinkles in my peripheral vision and figured I was in for a headache.

This could be a very long story but for once in my life I’ll cut to the chase.

My husband is a miracle.  I go through mild panic attacks during migraines, and he was easing me through one of those last night and mentioned one night when we were walking on the beach and the moon was HUGE and GOLDEN.  Not orange, it was really gold.  And it sparkled on the ocean like flecks of gold…the writer in me should have done better justice to that but I’m worn out so cut me some slack, folks.  Anyway, I got nearly hysterical because we may never see that again.  And Steve said he’d take me to the beach TONIGHT so we could look for it.  He sat with me for over an hour until the imitrex kicked in and I went to sleep. 

I don’t deserve him.

Other things I though last night on my bed of pain: If I die from this headache, what will poor Steve and Alex think when they clean out my truck? What have I left undone at work?  Will anyone know where to take the newsletter? Will my chickens be okay? What if I don’t die and my head just hurts like this for twenty years?

Truly ridiculous.  Me with a migraine is not my favorite person.

But here is something that REALLY helped last night.  Steve got a cool washcloth and told me to put it over my face.  Then he said to take the bridge of my nose between my finger and thumb and roll it around gently like a ball bearing.  Then he had me pull the cloth down little by little with my finger and thumb down my nose.  Then while it was still on my face to rub the top of my cheeks gently.  Then just my eyebrows.  Then he rubbed my earlobes.  I don’t know, maybe it’s like Lamaze and it just gives you something to concentrate on and that drives the pain out, but this was very helpful in relaxing myself, especially when the panic felt like it might take over.

Have I always been this neurotic?  I joke about being neurotic, but OMG, perhaps I really am!


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