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Random thoughts October 2, 2009

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Seriously, things are far too busy.  And of course, what makes it worse is that it’s all my fault.

Sometimes I read some of my old entries and I think I’m at my best when I’m in the sarcastic bitter mode.  That is so not where I want to live. But it makes for good reading.

My cats are possessed this morning.  Sherb is growling at Serge.  Serge is crying his heart out.  He wants to attack her.  She is hiding behind the paper towels under the cart in the kitchen, all fluffed up and growly, and Serge is crying and crying.  In a minute, he will try to dislodge her and there will be hissing and screaming all over the place.  Then, they’ll call a truce and be BFF except not forever, just for about 90 seconds.  Then they’ll go back to this obnoxious yowling, growling and spitting.  They must be practicing for Halloween.

Great Business After Hours at Olivia’s last night.  East Lake Chamber introduced board candidates to membership…great crop of nominees with some really good ideas.  The Chamber has taken some knocks from our county commissioner over the past couple of weeks…please pray with me that I not take this personally since it really has nothing to do with me and everything to do with what I represent — a voice for small business.  And who in their right mind EVER thought THAT would happen?

Ahhhhhhh, October.  We opened all the windows Wednesday and I’m hoping we can keep them open clear through to summer.  A week from today the truckload of pumpkins will arrive and I’ll be spending lots of time at the Pumpkin Patch…last year it was lovely and I’m hoping for a repeat.  Except I’ll stay out from under the big tent this time and get some last minute tanning done.

We have a wren that likes our front porch.  She sits there and torments the cats.  She is VERY loud.  There are also a couple of lizards who, if they could, would laugh at the cats trying to reach them through the windows. 

Michael Phelps was back yesterday morning.  OH! And in other squirrel news, my friend Laurie rescued three baby squirrels.  When I say baby, I mean their eyes weren’t open and they had NO fur.  This happened Wednesday.  They are eating well and I’m glad Laurie has committed to take care of them because feedings every two hours would just be impossible for me right now, and I don’t want three squirrel deaths on my head. 

I have a friend who is going through a difficult time right now.  I meant to call her last night but didn’t get home from the After Hours until after 9, so I need to call her tonight.  But in the meantime, will you take a minute to just pray for all the folks who are hurting today?  Not just my friend, but all of us.  There is so much pain walking around, always has been but wow, it sure is apparent these days.  Food banks are empty, jobs are scarce, very few of us feel secure…this world is sometimes not a kind place.  But it’s where we are for now, until we get to the next, which I hear is a little better. 🙂

Well, if I don’t head for the shower right quick, Chamber Land will start without me and that cannot be allowed to happen.  Thank you to my faithful readers for continuing to check for new entries, even when I’ve been lousy about updating.


Oh, oh, oh, except I have one piece of gossip.  Yes, it’s gossip.  But only a few of you will know who I’m gossiping about.  My nemesis (one of several, actually) has a new business card.  He is now a business coach and mentor or some such crap.  This guy has all the ethics of Bernie Madoff and I cannot for the life of me figure out how he’s managed to stay “successful” for any length of time.  Soon enough, I tell myself, I will be able to snicker to myself and put up another Schaenfreude entry, but he always comes up smelling like a rose.

Something is going on out at the chicken coop.  Later, gang!


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