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Migraine…peaches…Wii September 18, 2009

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I am happy to report that I am now out from under a three day migraine…I can’t believe this whole week is shot!  I should have known when my mood started to tank for no reason and I couldn’t shake it, but it was one of those sneaky headaches that pretended to be many things before it finally laid me out on Wednesday. 

The really crappy thing is that I had taken Wednesday off to work on Flavors of Lake…but ended up sleeping from Tuesday night to 10:00 Wednesday am, then from noon Wednesday to 5:30, then from about 7:00 until yesterday morning.  So much for my day of Flavor.  I tried to do two meeting and was effective in neither of them.  You’d think by now I’d know better, but I just can’t believe these stupid headaches are capable of doing what they do.  I still had twinges last night but my vision is back to normal now and I feel great. 

Steve found peaches that may actually be ripe.  I’ll be cutting one of those up for breakfast, and if they’re ripe, I’ll make a cobbler.  I love peach cobbler. Maybe that will satisfy my post-migraine cooking binge.  If not, I’d like to make some bean soup.  There is just a hint of fall in the evening air and it’s got me in the mood for soup, chili, stew…anything that can simmer all day.

I believe it’s time to turn on the Wii and get a little exercise.  Have a wonderful Friday, my friends.


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