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It’s in the air… September 11, 2009

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Just a little, and you have to really pay attention, but I’ve been feeling Fall in the air.  I told Steve this morning that in about three weeks I expect to be able to open the windows and leave them open until December.  This truly is a glorious time of year. 

When I lived in Maryland, Spring was my favorite season.  A time of rebirth, my birthday (because — do I really have to remind you? — it’s all about me!), new beginnings, blah blah blah.  Plus it got warm and you could go outside without coats and gloves and all that nonsense.  Now, Fall feels like a season of rebirth because you can go outside without breaking a sweat before you hit the driveway.

All the yardwork we did over the long weekend will now pay off as we’re able to actually sit outside and stay for longer than 5 minutes.  I wish we still had a dog because it’s really fun to watch them enjoy the cooler weather.

Happy Friday, folks!


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