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More random Tuesday… September 8, 2009

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I am woefully behind on my blogging…sorry.  I forget that this isn’t just my playground, that people actually come here expecting new content occasionally.  I’ve had a few reminders of that today and so I’m dropping everything and making some quick scribbles just for you.

My friend Theresa wrote a profile of me that went live online today.  I didn’t realize it would be part of the inaugural issue of Florida LifeStyle online, but there you have it.  Take a look at page 19 and just know that Theresa took an interview that rambled all  over the place and turned it into a really nice article.  If I look like an interesting person, that’s a testament to her prowess with the pen. 

Michael Phelps, the swimming squirrel, has been hanging around lately.  Alex and I are pretending that it’s because he misses us but we know he just wants food.  I suspect that he has teamed up with several other young squirrels, perhaps his biological family, because there is a gang of baby squirrels that play in the oak in our backyard.  He is still adorable and has an appetite that puts mine to shame.  In other nature news, the tree frogs have about taken over the front porch at night and they’re driving the cats crazy.  It’s quite a show when there’s a frog on the window; I swear, they know the cats can’t get to them and so they make faces and laugh.

Sandra Renaux and I start our radio show at 9:00 am on Saturday.  You can listen at and I hope you will!  It’s called Flavors of Lake and will be a mix of whatever makes life interesting.  We’ll probably stumble about a bit, but as my friend Russ reminded me, no mistakes – only memories.  So tune in and don’t break a rib laughing at our memories.  If yo u listen on weekday mornings, 8-10am, THEN you’ll really break a rib laughing.  Spencer and the Mixed Nuts crack me up.

Steve and I, with help from Alex, spent the weekend doing tons of yardwork that has been piling up.  Everything is now weed free, the limbs from the elm tree are out of the driveway, the hedges are trimmed, the junk that was at the side of the driveway has been relocated to a less visible location, the huge oak branch that was in the bed of the truck has been moved to the shed. We are worn out but happy that things look so much better now.  Steve put up the hooks that I bought a year ago and so I was able to move some plants and windchimes from under the tree to the front porch.  It looks very inviting and I’m planning to drink alot of coffee out there in the coming mornings after the tree frogs retire for the day.  I think the butterflies are happy, too, because they’re all over the Beach Club.  If you’ve ever wondered if butterfly plants really attract butterflies, I can promise you: they do!

The chickens were delighted with all the weeding we did. They enjoyed the fresh greenery and Red (our new escape artist) stayed in the run until late in the day yesterday. Janis is molting and looks a little bedraggled, and we’ve about decided that it’s the Astrolorp who’s laying those tiny little eggs.  Gigantor and Shrimp are growing up and they’ve developed cute bushy cheek feathers.  These two are the kind of chickens who give other chickens a bad name.  They like to sit on top of the feeder and their waterer and, um…well, they poop.  A LOT.  Blech, let me tell you it is not only stinky but gross as well.  Actually, ALL the chickens would do this except that the big girls have a waterer that hangs up so they can’t sit on it and their feeder isn’t conducive to being sat upon.  So eventually everyone will be in the same area and we won’t have to keep after the food and water like we do right now.  If you’re wondering why I keep chickens who are messy, it’s because I love them and heavens to Murgatroyd, the fresh eggs are incomparable.

My friend Sue got a new dachshund pup recently.  His name is Oscar and he has perfected the Princess Diana “head down eyes looking up diagonally” facial expression that seems to be irresistable to nearly everyone.  What a cute little guy he is, and I know he’s going to be thoroughly spoiled by the time Dave and Sue are done with him.  Carolyn and I got to visit with him at the office today, and later another friend came in with her lab, Sophie.  Gives new meaning to “Dog Days.”

We’re coming into the best weather of the year and I hope to be outside just as much as I can while it lasts.  You can feel it in the mornings, the promise of days where noon isn’t wiltingly hot and I’m just itching to throw open the windows and turn off the air conditioner. Last October brought truly outstanding weather and wouldn’t it be lovely if this year provided a repeat?

That’s all the news that’s fit to report.  I’m going to focus on catching up on my writing projects this week, I promise.  Thanks for reading and thanks for all you do that makes my life fun and interesting.


One Response to “More random Tuesday…”

  1. Alex Says:

    You blogged! Yaaaaaay!

    I know what you mean about fall coming on. I feel it too. Not as much when dad forces me to ask him for a sweatshirt I can wear so I can go walk on Calhoun in midday heat, but in general? Oh yeah. Oh boy. Gonna be a good fall. :>

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