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I could never live in the wild. August 29, 2009

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After sleeping for over 12 hours I have conquered my latest migraine.  I was thinking before I finally fell asleep how glad I am that I can have a migraine indoors, in the air conditioning, without worrying about predators coming to finish me off.  I think if I had to have a migraine outdoors it would probably kill me.  One of my worst nightmares is that I’ll die in the middle of a migraine, because they really do their level best to take me as far from God as possible. 

So anyway, if I have to live with migraines, and it looks like I do, I’m so glad I have a nice comfy bed in a nice climate controlled house so I can take my quilt and be miserable in comfort.  🙂


I was so thirsty yesterday but I knew if I drank anything I’d throw up, so Steve brought me an apple.  Nice and juicy but solid, and oh my goodness it was perfect.


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