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The Michelle Hive is Great, but Barack Not so Much. August 16, 2009

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Like our first lady, my bees are beautiful, fascinating and powerful.

I opened the Michelle hive today to fix the problem of honeycomb built ACROSS the top bars rather than ALONG them. I’m not sure my fix will work.

But I got to observe several really cool things. I saw the queen, I saw bee brood, and I saw several bees being “born”.

A little later I got Steve and Alex to help me with what I anticipated would be much more difficult: moving the comb from the birdhouse in the Barack hive to top bars. Unfortunately, when we opened the birdhouse all the way, we found it full of small hive beetles, ants, and very few bees. It appears they abandoned that hive.

I am very sad and feel sorry for the bees. Small hive beetles burrow through the comb and kill the bee brood. I hope the bees were able to find a better home.

Now I have to treat the ground to kill any small hive beetle larvae that may be there, and I’ve learned that when I get a wild hive, I need to examine it right away so that any problems can be dealt with. I hope none of the beetles have made it into the Michelle hive; I didn’t notice any but I wasn’t looking for them.

If worse comes to worst and I have to order new bees next year, it will be much easier. I’ve learned alot this year. If nothing else, I know that I have to provide a little bit of a foundation for the bees so they’ll know which way to build the comb.


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