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Michael Phelps was in my pool! August 13, 2009

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Well, not the REAL Michael Phelps. 

Yesterday afternoon I was minding my own business, sitting at the computer in the kitchen looking out the window when I was a really small squirrel sort of staggering around on the pool deck.  I called Steve to come see, but by the time the words were out of my mouth, the poor little guy had fallen into the pool.

<insert heavy sigh here>

I schlepped out and got the skimmer and rescued him.  He jumped off the skimmer into the bushes and Steve and I sort of looked at each other like, “Oh, well. That’s life in the country.”  We lost sight of him pretty quickly and figured he’d be okay.

But I kept waiting to see him climbing a tree, and we never did.  So I started looking around and found him under an oak, burrowing in the leaves there.  He was pretty wretched looking.  About that time, Alex came home with friends and so we rescued the squirrel.  I really didn’t think he’d make it past dinner time.  He was so uncoordinated I thought he was sick or something.  We offered him chicken feed but he wasn’t interested.  Clearly, he is a squirrel, not a chicken.

I stopped at the pet store on my way home from Olivia’s and got puppy milk.  He ate a little but not much.  We were both struggling with the feeding system.  He jumped from my arm to the floor.  Immediate freak out on my part because of the cats, but Alex got them out of the way.  Finally got the squirrel to eat a little and then we all fell asleep, exhausted (not really, but doesn’t that sound dramatic?).

This morning I was sure he would be dead when I pulled back the towel he curls up in, but he was fine!  Much stronger and very curious.  So I fed him and he was actually romping a little in his cage.  Took him to work with me and Alex got to feed him before she went to work.  That’s when we decided upon his fabulous name.  Not Mr. Phelps, not Mike…but always Michael Phelps.

I hate squirrels.  Unfortunately, though, I was designed to respond to helpless baby critters and this guy pushes all my “helpless baby critter” buttons.  Pictures when I get around to it.  Just like all the other pictures I’ve promised.


2 Responses to “Michael Phelps was in my pool!”

  1. becky Says:

    ….a picture of you, shorthaired, in front of a mic, reading a poem, with a squirrel on your shoulder (pirate fashion)

  2. becky Says:

    I LOOOOve squirrels. The kids get so embarrassed when we’re in public, and I start making kissing and ticking sounds…..squirrels really respond to that stuff. Last time we we at Disney, I performed such an act. The kids said to their friends “Oh yeah, Mom talks to squirrels” the little beggars come right up.

    So….he’s Michael Phelps because he was acting high and fell in the pool?

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