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OMG – I actually did it! August 12, 2009

Filed under: writing — eastlakecounty @ 10:10 pm

Well, I just went to my first poetry reading…and I read!  I did the Haiku for 11,000 piece (the bees).  It was absolutely horrifying, but now that’s done and I never have to do my first poetry reading again.

With Thanks to Fred and Olivia

Oh, honestly.

It’s just words, right?

I mean, the same words I speak with every day,

Just arranged with a bit more care.

So why can’t I say them to you

Without my throat threatening to close,

Without hearing my voice shake, dammit,

Without wanting to jump up and run out of the building

(As if I would leave my iced coffee behind!).


It’s just words, but

Seriously, have I lost my mind?

What possessed me to think I should sit in the same room

 With real poets, reading real poems,

Sharing meaningful verse

Without their voices shaking?


What am I doing up here, anyway?

Is this because I turned 50?


And those were just words about bees!

Imagine what will happen if I try

Sharing words about love or joy or pain

Or god forbid sex.


But wait… I think I just told you I was afraid.


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