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Well, it’s certainly short. August 9, 2009

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I’ve been clipper cutting Steve’s hair for ages now, and doing a decent job.  Today, he returned the favor.  He used the largest clipper guide that we have, but mercy, my hair is SHORT!  It’s probably only been shorter once, and that’s when I was in my 20s and thin.  So I think a few people will be shocked when I get to the office tomorrow.  But it feels great and it looks good (if you like short short hair, which I do), and it sure will dry fast.

Alex plucked my eyebrows for me, since my 50-year old eyes are simply incapable of seeing what to pluck.  So I guess I’ll slap on some eye shadow in the morning and rock this haircut.

It’s late and it’s been a long and wonderful day.  Joyce Saum of B&J Graphics has designed a logo for my writing business, soon to be announced officially here…it’s bigger than Examiner.  I got really bold and shared a scene with a writer friend…I’ll be reading it at my writers group tomorrow night.   I set up my writer’s box and got some pen boxes to keep my sharpie pens in one place.  I can’t believe the weekend is over.


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