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A certain former Alaska Governor pisses me off. August 9, 2009

Really, her mother would have done us all a kindness by drowning her at birth.

How does she get away with saying the insane random crap that she continuously says?  Why doesn’t someone in the media call bullshit on her?  The closest I’ve seen to that happening is a poll reported here where 47% of Montanans who responded to a poll said that if a certain former Alaska governor moves to Montana, the first thing she should do is move her happy ass right back to Alaska.  Not in those exact words, of course, or the percentage would have been much higher, I’m sure.

She certainly does not bring out the best in me.

And for those of you who are worried that the death squads are coming in the night to murder old people and downs syndrome babies, please use your brain and do a little research.  Please.


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