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Williamsburg? August 6, 2009

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Steve and Alex have suggested Williamsburg as the site of our next mini-vacation.  That would be fun!  I haven’t been there since junior high school.  All I remember about the trip is that I bought a tri-cornered hat, a blown piece of glass….it was flat and had bubbles in it, a salt glazed mug and some spider plants.  I don’t remember anything about the educational aspects of this particular field trip.

It was an overnight trip, though, and involved a big discussion to decide whether I could go or not.  I wanted to go so badly, and when I realized I was going to be allowed to go, oh — happy day!  And then Mom asked how much money I thought I would need.  I have never ever ever been realistic about money, I guess, because I said $5 should do it.  I don’t remember how much money they sent me off with but it was substantially more than $5 and I spent every dime.

I think, though, that I’d like to get away from the eastern seaboard.  I really think somewhere in the central US or midwest…by the time we make a decision, our “free” vacation may have expired.


5 Responses to “Williamsburg?”

  1. becky Says:

    I considered Williamsburg when we went to DC, just didn’t have enough time

    I don’t know how long the tix will be good for…but if you haven’t seen the leaves turn in a while, going up north in October is great for that….and picking fresh apples…..yum!….and the air has that cool crispness to it….heavy sigh

  2. becky Says:

    …fresh warm apple cider doughnuts….
    I can eat em by the dozen!

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      OMG, Becky, stop with the apples already! I can TASTE them!

      Unfortunately, October is a gonzo month in Chamberland. We have the Pumpkin Patch (pumpkins are delivered on the 9th this year!), Second Saturday, the Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show, the fall festival for Friends of the Library, a BBQ dinner on the Chamber grounds, the Business After Hours where we introduce our candidates for Board of Directors, there might be a chili cook off and there will probably be another halloween event…Pumpkin Patch is EVERY DAY. 🙂 Not complaining…I’m looking forward to it! But it does make October travel impossible. I don’t miss fall that much, but I know I’d enjoy seeing it again. Maybe next year…

      Sandra has suggested Minnesota, but I’d have to wait until spring because you know how I feel about cold.

      APPLE CIDER DONUTS???? zomg can you get them at Dunkin Donuts? They sound awesome.

  3. maya Says:

    I vote the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, right after Labor Day so it’s not toooooo colddddddd.

    Forget Minnesota unless you’re going in the summer!

  4. eastlakecounty Says:

    Anything below 50 is way too cold. 🙂

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