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Sleepless night… July 28, 2009


Tonight I feel like a wild adventuress, wild enough to tell you this is how I feel.  I’d like to hop on a dragonfly’s back and find out how he spends his night.  I’d like to jump in the truck and drive to Arizona, to the north rim of the Grand Canyon because I’ve never seen that side.  I’d like to drive up to one of the panhandle beaches and look for sand dollars.  I want to take a lawn chair out into one of  the nearby groves and watch for shooting stars.  I want to kayak in a Keys lagoon at midnight  to see if the stars reflect on still water and to see if you can see the bottom by moonlight.  I’d like to go back to Foxhill Park and see how it looks different, to walk down Flamingo Lane and see how it has changed.  I want to re-visit Camp Maria on Breton Bay and wander around Assateague in the dark.  I want to hear the gators rumbling at Payne’s Prairie and I want to hear insects singing in the Everglades.  I want to watch the sunrise from my tent and I want to hike the Florida Trail.  I want to visit Alaska and pan for gold.  I want to live on St. Maarten, even if it’s in a shack.  I’d like to spend a day in Harpers Ferry or on the C&O Canal…I want to find some pieces of shale and break them open to find fossils inside.  I want to speak with an accent and dance like a crazy woman and wear scarves and long gloves and gold sandals, maybe with bells on them.  I’d like to climb a tree again and not worry about what could happen if I fell.  I’d like to tell a story to make my husband blush, to cook a meal to make him swoon and I’d like to love him into a state of exhaustion and then I’d love to talk and talk and talk until he finally can’t take it anymore and just falls asleep. I’d love to cure cancer and heal all my friends and eliminate poverty and unemployment. 

This could be me...

This could be me...

So now you know. 

What is it you wish for in the middle of a sleepless night?


2 Responses to “Sleepless night…”

  1. That’s quite a wish list – you’d better get started soon!

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      Andrew, my list continues to grow. I figure as long as I never have a last item to cross off, I’m still living and learning. 🙂

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