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My new chickens… July 26, 2009

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They’re little and cute and their legs are green, so they’ll lay the pretty olive green or blue eggs.  They will end up being good buddies because I had to immediately segregate them from the rest of the flock.  Alex is a little put out with Spicy, because we mollycoddle Spicy and Original since they get picked on all the time, so seeing Spicy peck Shrimp so hard she pulled out feathers was a little offputting.  So the new babies are in half of the hutch with their own food and water.

I had a great time meeting the woman who sold them to me…she is a sweetie.  I had such a good time yakking with her that I forgot to pay for the chickens.  So I went back to pay and she said, nope, you were never meant to pay.  She put $10 on the CraigsList ad just to make sure her babies went to good homes.  She said she figured anyone who would pay $10 would be someone who really wanted the chicken and would give it a good home.  How cool is that?  I love her. 

We just went out to button up the big girls and check on the new babies.  They are snuggled up together, doing  just fine.  This is their first night as a duo instead of part of a pretty large flock, but they seem pretty calm about it.  I’m so glad they’re here!  The “old” little girls, Spicy and Original, were up on the perch with the big girls, so I guess the pecking order will need to be re-established with the “new” little girls at the bottom. 

I remember last year when Alex and I went to pick up the original chicks…it’s amazing how much confidence you can gain in a year!


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