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Sometimes Being the Mom Just Stinks July 22, 2009

Filed under: relationships — eastlakecounty @ 10:27 pm

My daughter had a truly awful afternoon. 

When she was little tiny I could fix her world by picking her up and holding her close.  Her problems are a little bigger these days and her boyfriend is getting ready to leave for Japan and she is already missing him and so the problems all look even bigger, and several of them lined up all in a row today and smacked her right upside the head. 

This presented me with a problem.  I can’t fix her problems with hugs and kisses.  I can’t will her pain into my own heart.  I can’t knock some sense into her friend’s head and make this friend treat Alex like I think she should.  I can’t do anything with her car because God knows I can’t work on T-birds.

All I could do was get her home safely.  I guess that’s something.  But it sure didn’t feel like enough.

I sent her a text message from a book we loved when she was little.  But it didn’t feel like enough.

I bought some cute melamine plates to eat from tonight.  But it still didn’t feel like enough.

I even bought ice cream because, while we all know that food doesn’t really fix anything sometimes a bowl of ice cream is better than chocolate, and then I got some beautiful cherries since that’s healthy.  None of this felt like enough.

But after dinner we worked out on the Wii and ate some cherries and watched President Obama’s press conference and now my baby is smiling again (I’ll give Obama lots of credit but he’s not getting credit for those smiles).

Please, God, watch over that precious girl.  When my hands and heart are not enough, please give her a sense of the power in your hands and your heart.  Guide her to her purpose and surround her with the right people — don’t take her friends but give her new friends who will treasure her.  Keep her heart safe.  When her car breaks down, please let it be as minor as today and always in a safe place where someone can help her get home safely.  Remind her that she’s living a better life than she was a year ago and that she’s making great progress toward her goals.  Remind me that she’s capable of flight and that my job isn’t to clip her wings but to help her soar.  Protect our relationship. Bless all the moms and our children, God, and never ever ever let us go.


2 Responses to “Sometimes Being the Mom Just Stinks”

  1. becky Says:

    She’s such a lucky young lady to have a Mommy who cares so deeply. I guess that’s why she turned out so wonderfully.

    • eastlakecounty Says:

      I know there are days when she’d just as soon not, but I guess yesterday she had an adequate Mom.

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