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I survived Camp CEO July 18, 2009

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But just barely.  This fifty year old body has come to realize that I am, indeed, NOT cut out to be on Survivor and I will never homestead in Belize or any other place where I might need air conditioning, darkness and silence in case of migraine.  I am a big old namby-pamby and I love hot showers in a clean shower and I need my love coffee every morning and I really want to choose my own food.

Having said all that, Camp CEO was a remarkable experience.  Girl Scouts does what they do so well, and by the time I finish sharing about my week, you’ll either be so sick of the idea you could vomit or so pumped up that you’ll be volunteering for the 2010 committee.  But I’m not writing it today…I just checked in to tell you that I have soaked my feet, had a cup of love coffee that surpassed all my expectations, and am now getting ready to celebrate my anniversary by going to see the new Harry Potter movie. 

Speaking of my anniversary and Harry Potter…HAGRID left an anniversary greeting on the coffee machine this morning! 

Life is so sweet.


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