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28 Years of Wedded Bliss July 18, 2009

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The Anniversary quilt block

The Anniversary quilt block

Well, to be perfectly honest there have been a few days that did not quite qualify as blissful, but we’re not going to pay the least bit of attention to those.

Yep, at this moment 28 years ago Marilyn Sweet was helping me put on my veil and Sandy Batten and my sister were making sure I was an absolute vision so that when I started down the aisle Steve would be overcome.  And I believe he may have been.

It’s been quite a trip we’re enjoying together.  And he still manages to surprise me on a regular basis.  When I got home last night, there were a dozen roses — yes, FLORIST roses! for me.  I literally cannot remember Steve ever getting me flowers from a florist before.  He often brings cut flowers from the grocery but never arranged in a vase, and with a card, and with all the pretty ferns and other stuff that make roses look even prettier than they are. 

Do I need florist flowers?  Heck, no!  But am I enjoying the heck out of these babies every time I walk past them?  You bet your sweet bippie, I am!  How fortunate to be so pampered even while insisting that’s not what I want…I’m discovering that…uh…well, I guess I love it and I’ve been really missing out by pretending not to.

Anyway, today my prayer is for all marriages.  I’m praying that couples who are struggling will have a moment’s respite to remember all the good feelings and to hope for more.  I’m praying for the relatively strong marriages to remain safe places for each spouse to get a breather from the crazy world we live in, that those spouses will see each other with a loving gaze even when they’re tired, discouraged, frustrated.  I’m praying that couples who are thinking about a future marriage will think carefully and choose wisely, with the firm knowledge that this can be the most important choice of a lifetime.  I’m praying that widows and widowers will be able to draw strength from their memories.  I’m praying that those who are in hopelessly fractured marriages will be able to leave with some sort of grace and hope, and I pray that they will heal and love again.  I pray that our marriages will set good examples for our kids.   

I pray that I will be married for another 28 happy years.  That’s a stretch, and it comes as a shock to realize that I may have already lived through over half of my marriage.  So I’ll add a prayer that I’ll be a better wife for the remainder of my marriage than I was for the first part, and then I’m jumping in the shower because, really now, who wants to be married to a stinky woman?


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