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Hooray for 4th of July! July 5, 2009

Yesterday was an amazing day.

The East Lake County Chamber of Commerce, along with the Farmworkers Association and the Mt. Plymouth Landowners League, was part of a community picnic in Sorrento Park.  We got an early start and set-up was pretty easy and done about an hour before the event started, so no one was really rushed.

Yesterday morning there were several little snags that made me think the day might be a disaster.  The large grill that I had reserved weeks ago disappeared — I think someone borrowed it and just didn’t tell the folks who were lending it to us.  Carolyn, fortunately, saved the day by ensuring that we could borrow the smoker that First Baptist Church uses.  She went with me to go pick it up and although we had a hard time finding it and then the jack on the trailer didn’t work and both tires were flat, we finally go the thing back to the office, where I shocked myself by getting it backed into the fenced area on the first try.  No tears, no drama, no swearing…it was just like I knew what I was doing! 

Then I realized that there’s no electricity at the park….but then I also remembered that last year we used extension cords, so that was not a problem.  Pshew!

Public Works did a great job getting  the park ready for us.  Everything was clean and the new playground equipment looks great.  For such a small park, Sorrento Park really has it going on.  The only downside is that the restrooms have been vandalized so many times that they are now locked up tight.  Last year, Public Works got porta-potties for us but it was overlooked this year…next year I’ll specifically ask for them!  That was the only thing that could have been improved, I think. Ah, well.  Wendy Poag from Public Works, spent most of the day with us.  She had some great printed materials available, including a little pocket card to help identify animal footprints.  Lake County has some great Public Works/Parks & Trails folks.  I felt bad that she had to work on the holiday, but I know she loves sharing information about parks.

The Landowners League brought sodas and ice…thank goodness for ice on such a hot day!  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and the Farmworkers famous skirt steak.  The Farmworkers had arranged for the same band that played last year to come back, and they were just as much fun as they were last year.  I really wish I could dance.  No luchadores this year but there were clowns and a soccer team. 

I saw lots of friends.  Ruth and Reto Badraun came with some friends of theirs.  Lise and Richard Pelchat.  Bill and Jeannette Smalley, Tim Bailey, Clark Morris…Sandra and Bob Renaux with their entire family.  Steve Jennelle!!!  Lots of others and met some new friends.  The two communities, “Mexican” and “White” mingled a little, which is an improvement over last year. Toward the end, Steve and I went to the Discount Beverage store to pick up a case of beer to enjoy over the next several days, and ran into friends there, too!  Laina and Bill spent the WHOLE DAY, as did Sue and Dave Brooks.  Clean up went quickly and I was blessed with a whole pan of those marinated steaks to take home.

Those steaks certainly came in handy because Laina and Bill came over to enjoy the cold beer and pool after all the picnic stuff was cleaned up.  I had a crock pot full of Maya’s World Famous Cuban Pork Magically Easy Meal, and Alex stopped for rice and limes on the way home from her stint at the Historical Society.  We ended up just putting the MWFCPMEM in the fridge and eating the steaks.  So now I have enough pork to feed a small army AND leftover steak! 

Bill and Steve were watching some sports car race so Laina and I got in the pool just as soon as we could.  The boys joined us a short time later.  So we were in this perfect pool water, relaxing, having a beer and laughing.  The first swallow of that Budweiser was something magical.  Seriously, it was so hoppy it was not like drinking a Bud.  I love Bud, but this was a transcendent beer.  Then we had another beer.  Then another one.  Next thing I knew, I had polished off FOUR beers.  And neatly peeled the labels off each one.  Laina and Bill had quite a collection of bottles, too, with about half of the caps replaced.  Not sure which one of them does that but it’s funny.  Steve has no funny beer habits, I guess, but let me tell you what.  If you ever want to get silly, get in our pool after working hard all day and start slamming Budweiser.  It was some serious F*U*N.

Then we had that marvelous dinner.  Hot corn tortillas, steak, rice and black beans.  MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then we watched part of the NASCAR race and shot off a few fireworks.  Steve does not like to buy fireworks, but this year I convinced him to take me to WalMart to get a package deal.  He even paid for them.  Next year I’ll go to Phantom and get the real thing because I was a little disappointed with these.

The only bad thing was I went to bed with a blinding headache.  It was not a migraine and two ibuprofen took care of it.  I woke up at 1:00 and it still felt like a vice around the top of my head but by 3:00 it was entirely gone.  Slept in a little, read the paper with Steve, and now I’m getting ready to go plant some philodendrons that I’ve got rooted out back.

I wish this weekend would last forever.


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